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About Us Ntwanano Wines

Company Overview

Ntwanano Wines– Tells a story about unity of Africa and its people, that we are all one and stand together, inspired by a smooth wine palate premium winery, bringing people together.

Elegantly crafted by African roots so that it can be enjoyed by friends and family.

Our Grapes are hand picked and crafted by local artisan in vineyards of Stellenbosch.

We pride ourselfs in the authenticity of our products by bringing people together to interact through the love of wine. We strive to bring to your table food that will be enjoyed with a good bottle of Ntwanano Wines.


The wine brand is co-founded and managed by three entrepreneurs, with diverse skills in marketing, sales, operations, and management to take the brand to every household in the country, Africa, and eventually the world. Currently 


Ntwanano Wines have a range of wines; sweet rosé, red blend, white chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, shiraz and soon-to-launch sparkling wine, and sweet red amongst other range in production stock.

Our Winemakers

Vineyard Director - CEO - Founder

Ntwanano Makhubela

Originates from Tembisa 1632, has Limpopo, Elim roots.

A young and inspired entrepreneur, wine lover, a visionary and builder of brands

Fun Fact: He doesn’t see something for what it is but for what it could be – Ntwanano M.

Our Community

Local support

Founded in late 2016 and coming to operation in 2019, Ntwanano Wines has in recent years been making waves and its mark in the beverages industry, finding a niche space to offer a distinctive and tasteful flavor in wine to its market.

Giving back

Based in Gauteng, Ntwanano Wines’ brand originates from humble beginnings with concentrated urban branding for a premium wine that talks to the African market and resonates with the culture of what it stands for. A good brew of locally made wine by young and vibrant young entrepreneurs of our country.

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